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Catering Vinarius

VINARIUS has an exclusive CATERING SERVICE SPECIALISING IN WINES that is available in two formats:

  1. To be enjoyed at the Vinarius Roman cellar
  2. For private or corporate customers away from the Vinarius premises: events for entertaining corporate or premium customers and friends.


  • A reasoned tasting of selected wines (chosen with the customer);
  • Tasting sheet that includes background details on the wines selected;
  • Bespoke wine service;
  • Specially designed glasses ( for the selected wines;
  • Tasting of culinary specialities that marry well with the selected wines.
  • In the case of off-premises catering, Vinarius has a satellite-controlled vehicle whose route can be monitored by customers – via the Vinarius website -, which transports the wines to be tasted – from the bodega to the venue for the event – in a specially designed compressor cooler that keeps the wine in perfect conditions throughout the journey.

Both formats are designed for small groups of no more than 15 people.