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Vinarius is located in a bodega that is divided into clearly defined areas: on the one hand, what we refer to as the “sancta sanctorum” – that is, the specific place where the wines are laid down and preserved, in isolation and especially protected by an armoured door and a special alarm system – and on the other hand, there is the larger area that contains it, in which all the ancillary activities take place, and which we refer to as the “bodega mayor”

The expression “sancta sanctorum” is used in academic circles to refer to the secure vault that holds the oldest and most prized manuscripts and documents belonging to Salamanca University's library. Partly because of its shape and partly because of what it contains, we draw an appropriate similarity between it and this part of the bodega.

The repository has two levels that can comfortably store up to 3,000 bottles in exceptional conditions of silence, darkness, temperature and humidity, which are provided naturally by the bare stone walls in the passive cellar. An armoured door separates it from the outside, where an IP camera connected to the Internet monitors the state of the wines, which in turn is verified by two digital sensors that constantly control the inside of the vault.

This is Vinarius’ treasure and as such it is safeguarded by seven keys: there are two standard ones, another that is biometric and the four remaining ones consist of a transponder (radio-controlled programmed locking cylinders that receive individual and personal access authorisations through a programmed locking sequence, in which the control unit used requires parts of the code script to be constantly changed).

To visit cella vinaria print invitation and reservation.