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The training activity organised by the Vinarius Project seeks to introduce those attending the various courses into wine culture – in this case Spanish wines – regarding various Appellations of Origin, Estate Wines, Wines of the Land, Wines with a Geographical Ascription, etc., with a view to helping them further their knowledge in a straightforward and confident manner. Spanish wine is a referent in our cultural and social history, yet it also very little known here. Our wines are feted abroad and as often as not we are unaware of the cultural potential wine has had and continues to have in the way we interact with each other. Tasting and sampling, conversing and sharing, and just a few notions are the necessary components for grasping everything that a wine can convey to us, which is the underlying aim of this course. Furthermore, one of the main focal points is to learn more about the cultural history of wine. The offer available today in the world of wine is vast and, in turn, varied, so we organise tasting and sampling sessions. This allows for another perspective: the history of wines and wines with history, as tasting and sampling a wine without knowing its background is just half the story and does not allow us to fully appreciate all the wonders it can offer us.


The courses have at least three formats:

a) A simple one-hour format (theoretical-practical) at the Vinarius cellar.

b) Two classes (theoretical) each lasting two hours and a third "class" held at the Vinarius cellar.

c) Two or three eminently theoretical classes, involving a PowerPoint presentation.

There is a fourth format of an eminently academic nature Contact

If you would like to see our course list, please contact us and we will send you the corresponding syllabus.

The price of the course will be agreed with the institution, customer or member.

Those attending a course will receive a special invitation to visit the Vinarius cellar, which is not open to visits by the general public. This visit will include: a historical description of the Roman cellar – the Roman road, the Vía de la Plata, and the Way of Santiago – the tasting of at least two wines, and a visit to the travelling painting exhibition.