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Recommended webs

Here we present a list of websites that we recommend taking into account sundry considerations: we have not been influenced by what is commented on the Internet, but instead we have visited everything – or almost everything – on offer and then we have made a selection. This is quite a daunting task, as there are myriad sites popping up daily, as wine is “in fashion”. There are not that many contributing something original, as almost all of them follow a similar pattern; in many cases they provide so much information – not always updated – devoid of powerful search engines for locating data, whereby one ends up feeling overwhelmed by such a glut of information that is disorganised and not always clearly presented.
Quality has been our prime concern, and so as not to mix concepts we have included here what we have called personal or institutional websites.
We have therefore left a small section elsewhere for something that is all the rage on the Internet, namely, blogs. We have not reviewed them, but simply presented the result of a complex search that has given the results that you can assess for yourselves.
You may miss websites on appellations of origin and bodegas. These can be found in our databases, where we provide extensive information on such matters.
It has been difficult, almost impossible, to find a website that encompasses the entire world of wine and all countries, and which in turn meets the required quality we expect in our assessment.
The same can be said for specialist magazines, as it is no easy matter to arrange the sites in any specific order, following the laborious task of locating and analysing them, so here is our list of recommendations, which as always and like everything in this life is open to improvement.