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VINARIUS was created in 2004 as the culmination of a protracted process of academic instruction and professional experience acquired in different countries throughout the world.

The underlying purpose of VINARIUS involves the provision of the utmost quality, through a combination of “savoir faire”, awareness, refined taste and the enjoyment of free time.

VINARIUS is also the perfect “excuse” for self-discovery in each and every one of the senses: sight (in a unique, historical setting), smell and taste (sampling a fine wine, well served), hearing (“listening to the silence” or perceiving a suitable melody), and touch (of a specially designed and cut glass).

VINARIUS revolves around an underground bodega/cella vinaria, at a depth of 5 metres; it may date back as far as Roman times, and it is located in the historical centre of a small village in La Armuña district, on the outskirts of Salamanca. This historical bodega/cella vinaria is a feature of popular architecture, dug out in a manner that would subsequently – between the 11th and 14th centuries – be turned into much narrower galleries. The bodega/cella vinaria itself is connected to the surface by a zarcera, a shaft that was, and still is, used for ventilation and as a means of aeration that ensures temperature and humidity remain constant. Access is by means of a vaulted gallery.

The bodega/cella vinaria has two clearly differentiated areas: on the one hand, the “sancta sanctorum”, where the wine is kept and safeguarded; a security vault, protected against vibrations and direct light, which cushions the crystal dreams of the wines that enjoy the freshness, the tranquillity, the darkness and the silence they require.

On the other hand, there is the “bodega/cella vinaria mayor”, an area arranged for sampling the wines, tasting sessions and the various thematic activities organised there, and which, far from disturbing the slumber of the wines that rest in the adjacent “bedroom”, supplement and accompany it.

The bodega/cella vinaria has required restoration-refurbishment prior to becoming VINARIUS, and this has involved a bioconstruction project using natural materials, such as stone from Villamayor – typical of the area – to dado height on the walls; the cladding of the stone vault and the access gallery with ecological protective varnishes to avoid both grit becoming dislodged and the smells that might affect the wine; the laying of natural slate-slab floors; and the use of the finest quality wood ideally suited to the premises, especially insofar as furnishings are concerned. All this is designed to protect the vast stone vault whose width cannot even be measured.

Underground bodegas/cella vinaria now prevail and form part of spain’s cultural heritage, with the majority being privately owned. Within their extensive variety, and amongst those referred to as passive – that is, those dug out long ago by hand and to a significant depth – only a few remain that are suitable for storing wine in optimum conditions of humidity, temperature and, above all, silence. In their day, they were veritable shrines to wine, with no other light than candles, with oil lamps being the sole source of heat, free of all movement and from the hustle and bustle of people and carriages. They were peaceful places, where wine lay at rest. The repose of living matter in a state of evolution created by and for human beings. Darkness and silence, with the resulting profile presenting a wine of the finest quality and maturity, bursting with complex aromas and flavours that are difficult to describe. The result of peace and tranquillity, ready to be broken and spring forth in a glass or two waiting to be drunk. The catacombs hewn out of the earth would be looked upon as tiny subterranean enclaves, each one crowned by their stone chimneys or vents to provide the bodegas with suitable ventilation. This, therefore, would ensure the wines provided the finest and most sought-after result.

VINARIUS has restored history and tradition, opening its doors only to those with particular refinement and exquisite taste. It provides a unique haven of tranquillity within sight of a large city, where clients receive exclusive, personal attention.

VINARIUS is unique, which is why it is meant for YOU.