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Vehicle Tracking

One of the services that Vinarius provides is the especially exclusive transport/delivery of the wines from the originating bodega to the Repository, or from the Wine Repository to your home, in a specially adapted vehicle.

This vehicle is equipped with a totally hermetic Danfoss compressor cooler with integrated electronic control, condenser with dynamic ventilation, “roll-bonding” aluminium evaporator and digital thermostat with seamless adjustment for the cooling range. This cooler has insulating sheaths that protect it from any dampness or dust, and it is fitted with an attachment arrangement that keeps the cooler “in its place” at all times. What’s more, the vehicle is tracked via satellite by an innovative fleet management system that you can monitor on your computer. This system includes:

- Maps of Spain and Europe with street-maps of the main cities;

- Real-time positioning;

- Sensor alarms (sensors for door-opening, temperature and panic button);

- Detailed reports specifying the distance travelled, alarms, incidents, stops, route followed and load certification;

In short, the Vinarius vehicle will transport your wines from and to those places you choose in the finest conditions, which you can monitor on your computer, thereby ensuring the security of your wines and providing the assurance you require that your wines are completely safe from the moment they leave your home, the vineyard of origin or the Repository.

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