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Proyecto Vinarius

Vinarius is a project revolving around the cultural milieu of wine that involves the following lines of work and areas:

  1. INSTRUCTION AREA: this contains a programme of techno-practical activities organised at specific times throughout the year; a programme of module-based courses – formal, semi-formal and online-; tasting and sampling workshops. Training for the sector involved in wine serving and tasting.

  2. HISTORICAL WINE TOURISM AREA: combined wine routes taking in rural tourism and harvesting activities.

  3. REFRESHMENT AREA: tasting of own and promotional wines at the wine repository, cultural activities accompanied by tasting sessions in a bodega/wine cellar. Lunches and dinners with the vineyard owner. Specialist wine catering for large and small groups alike.

  4. INFORMATION AREA: supervision of the specialist website with links, news, suggestions. Software systems applied to PDA-IPAQ and DVD with information on wines, bodegas and appellations of origin (AO).

  5. GUIDANCE AREA: purchases, investments, gifts. Specialist wine-lists, rating and endorsement of restaurants and bars that serve wine.

  6. “RESPECT FOR NATURE” AREA: part of the profits generated by the Vinarius Project will be donated to caring for abandoned and ill-treated animals. + info

  7. SOLIDARITY AREA: We work with causes that we consider important, choosing those that receive the least support. We realise we share the planet with other living creatures and with other human beings that do not have even the minimum required to lead a decent life. Vinarius has decided to champion two causes that we consider important: the fight against the abandoning and mistreatment of animals and help for the people, above all the children, who continue to live in areas contaminated by the Chernobyl disaster.
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