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About us

VINARIUS is a company specialising in laying down and storing wine. In addition, it provides a satellite-controlled delivery service for the wines tailored to suit each product and each customer, a unique setting for tasting sessions – a passive roman wine cellar, or bodega - and an original and readily accessible quality website. Furthermore, qualified professionals are on hand to organise an instruction programme in the cultural world of wine. Finally, it provides an extensive range of exclusive services, such as expert advice, its own brand and rural tourism.

VINARIUS is geographically sited in the heart of La Armuña district, in the historical centre of a small village located 10 km. outside Salamanca (Spain), which dates back to the Repoblación, a period of Christian resettlement that took place at the beginning of the 12th century instigated by Raymond of Burgundy; at the crossroads of three legendary roads: the Roman Way, La Vía de la Plata and the Way to Santiago.

VINARIUS owns a superb passive underground cellar where up to 4,000 bottles of wine may repose in silence under a large solid stone house, whose first deeds date back to the Catastro de Ensenada in 1753, and which has recently been restored through a bioconstruction project.

VINARIUS deploys a team of professionals from both Spain and abroad who have attained the highest academic qualifications in their specialism. Its managing director has attended prestigious spanish, french, italian and argentinean universities. Our staff consists of a group of experts in different aspects of the world of vine: enologists, tasters, sommeliers, historians, sociologists, economists, bodega owners, etc.

VINARIUS respects the environment, which is why its premises and services are governed by an environmental management system supplemented by a quality plan that includes a code of best practices.

VINARIUS is UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE, and is designed for all those who enthuse about wine and the culture that revolves around it. It is a unique undertaking that has no prior model and which is set to be one of a kind; and for us, its clients can only be VIPs.


VINARIUS caters for the final stage of the process that begins with the cultivation of the grape and culminates on the consumer’s pallet. This is tantamount to saying that we deliver the wine from the maternal womb of the bodega into the hands of the expectant client. A vital step, no doubt, for if special care is not taken during shipment, storage-conservation and service, an “educated” or “pedigree” wine can lose all its properties.

  • VINARIUS provides the following services:

    1. Cellaring and safeguarding of wines in a unique environment, a passive Roman cellar, with NATURAL CONDITIONS OF TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY AND ABOVE ALL SILENCE;
    2. Wine collection and delivery service;
    3. Wine repository;
    4. Wine tasting within a singular environment;
    5. Specialist website;
    6. Activities of an academic nature, as well as for leisure and the enjoyment of free-time
    It also provides supplementary services, such as:
    1. Preparation of wine-lists – for business and private individuals;
    2. Rating of wine purveyors in terms of service and conservation;
    3. Corporate and personal gifts;
    4. Investment advice;
    5. Advice on the recovery and refurbishment of bodegas;
    6. Own brand.
  • VINARIUS is based on four central pillars
    1. Laying down and storing wine

    2. Transport/transfer of wines from the originating bodega to the Wine Repository in a customised vehicle fitted with a special receptacle for controlling temperature and vibration levels in the wine it carries, thereby ensuring minimal fluctuations during the journey. Moreover, the vehicle is tracked via satellite ( thereby providing clients with the utmost assurance of security and quality, as it is constantly monitored and linked to public and private security services.

    3. Website presenting three key features: use of the latest technologies (continuously supervised codes-clients; online monitoring of the Wine Repository using athermal IP cameras, design and browsing especially tailored to suit each customer); information updated daily.

    4. Instruction. Vinarius also provides instruction of the highest academic calibre, albeit clear and straightforward. This instruction is provided in situ, through the organisation of wine-tasting workshops, guided sampling and educational visits; as well as online. It also provides customised learning programmes; consultancy services (preparation of wine-lists, guidance on purchases and investment).
    • A UNIQUE SETTING: a passive roman bodega/cella vinaria a stone’s throw away from Salamanca